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Here’s How It Works

To start, create and curate your Choosii profile.

Whether you want to buy, sell, or just show off your stuff, your Choosii profile is the front door to your collection.

Share what’s for sale (or not for sale! Bragging rights, anyone?), or set your preferences to instantly find collectors offering things you want, or looking for what you have.

Whenever the thing you want becomes available, we’ll let you know.

Whenever a collector hosts a pop up, you’ll be notified so you can join and be the first to claim one-of-a-kind items you want.

New items get revealed every few minutes, and go to whoever claims them first.

Pro-tip: Pressed for time? You can turn on alerts for purges happening near you, or whenever you’re free, in your ‘preferences’ section.

Join the Choosii Crew so you can:

Show Off your Collection

  • Curate and share out what's FS/NFS 👀
  • Nerd out on other collectors' pages 🤓
  • Follow those that love what you love 🌱

Let New Friends Find You

  • Find collectors to follow 🏠
  • Follow them building their collection 💻

Imagine - a world where that special something you want actually finds you… ‘Eureka!’

Make Space for Something New

  • Tell your followers when you tag an item from your collection for sale 📦
  • No-stress gathering and validation of guest users' payment + delivery details.

    Kiss all the hassle goodbye 👻