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Explore the next-generation of community commerce
on a new platform created by / for collectors!

🌱 nature, 🪆 toys
🪞 decor, ⌚︎ accessories (& more)

🕷 creepy, 🥹 kawaii, 🎞 retro
(or whatever you want)

Discover collectors, collections
and snag-worthy stuff from those who love it (like you!)

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A social market, for collectors.

Because buying & selling 
from your collection should be fun! 
(...not feeling like a full time job)


Here’s How It Works

To start, create and curate your Choosii profile.

Whether you want to buy, sell, or just show off your stuff, your Choosii profile is the front door to your collection.

Share what’s for sale (or not for sale! Bragging rights, anyone?), or set your preferences to instantly find collectors offering things you want, or looking for what you have.

Whenever the thing you want becomes available, we’ll let you know.

Whenever a collector hosts a pop up, you’ll be notified so you can join and be the first to claim one-of-a-kind items you want.

New items get revealed every few minutes, and go to whoever claims them first.

Pro-tip: Pressed for time? You can turn on alerts for purges happening near you, or whenever you’re free, in your ‘preferences’ section.

Join the Choosii Crew so you can:

Show Off your Collection

  • Curate and share out what's FS/NFS 👀
  • Nerd out on other collectors' pages 🤓
  • Follow those that love what you love 🌱

Let New Friends Find You

  • Find collectors and connoisseurs in your neighborhood to follow 🏠
  • Set your collections' wish list 📅
  • Get notified whenever your wishes pop up for sale! 💭
  • Filter and favorite hidden gems from your neighborhood, your follows, and every plant person on Choosii💻

Imagine - a world where that special something you want actually finds you… ‘Eureka!’

Make Space for Something New

  • Notify your followers when you tag an item from your collection for sale 📦
  • Share cross-platform to your interest groups and invite people to claim 💵
  • No-stress gathering and validation of guest users' payment + delivery details.

    Kiss all the hassle goodbye.👻

Selling and shopping, collectors like you.

As collectors ourselves, we know sifting through piles of our peers' posts for the perfect find - just to have it snatched by scamming or ghosting - takes the joy out of the journey.

With Choosii, you get:

Community-reviewed collectors to buy from

Smooth, super-secure payment (with Paypal)

Hidden gems, tailored for your collection

Single-tap coordination for pickup / shipping

Choosii makes it easy for the stuff you love to find its way to you, stress-free from start to finish.


Whether you're looking to show off, sell from or share out your collection, we got you:




  • Curate your collection (and show it off!)
  • Customize your collection grid
  • Grow your following with collectors like you and near you
  • Notify your followers when you’ve marked something ‘for sale’
  • Let followers know when new items land on your wishlist




  • Social-first interface makes it easy to snap, price, post, and sell items on the fly, or in a flash
  • Cross-promote items across multiple spaces with a single tap, online and IRL
  • Build your credibility through community ratings
  • Stress-free payment, pick-up, and shipping

Social Butterflies


Social Butterflies

  • Network and nerd out with other collectors who love what you love
  • Share your Collector’s Card (think of it as a ‘sneak peek’ inside your collection)
  • Invite other collectors to join the Choosii Crew (and earn raffle entries for every new referral!)

We Want Your Friends in the Choosii Crew!

What’s in it for you?

Every waitlist referral gets you a boost on the leaderboard
and a chance to be selected for our customer advisory board
(tasting the soup while it's made & telling us your take)

Kiss the madness goodbye and say hello to your new favorite way to sell, shop, and show off your collection.

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